The bus, the early arrival and the non-existing booking


So the bus trip was long, but comatose and during the night so nothing to see. The only surprise were the tiny ants appearing from nowhere.


Then at some point while it was still super dark outside, the stewardess woke me up saying my stop is coming up. I panicked. I was expecting we won't get to Khao Sok before 7 in the morning, so finding out the time was 5:30 didn't really make me happy. Jungle at night doesn't look exactly friendly.

But then we drove for another 40mins before reaching the stop and it already started getting lighter and there were street lights at the bus stop so it turned out ok. I waited for a while and then headed to look for the resort. With a little of asking around because the one resort I was looking for naturally did NOT have the sign next to the road I arrived. And then the confused ladies at the restaurant/reception barely speaking any english didn't know about my reservation. Of course, what else... But they gave me the bungalow I booked and everything went well.

Somewhere over there in the jungle the sun is rising

Over the misty mountains

So I settled in and went to sleep for a few hours :D

Now I'm at the restaurant/reservation, already planned the Night Safari, Day trip to Cheow Lan Lake and Elephant Trekking for the time I'm staying here (till Wednesday morning).


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