The elephants, the night jungle and the bus


It's possible that Tuesday was overshadowed by the lake trip on the previous day, because both the elephant trek and the night jungle left barely any impression on me.
The elephant trek was through a forest, up and down a river and the only amazing thing about it was the discovery of how the elephans walk and their climbing abilities. That was about it.

On the way back, the driver stopped at one great view spot.

The night jungle was a tiny bit better, but essentially, the nocturnal exhibition at the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok (more about that in one of the upcoming entries) easily covered it and it was way cheaper. I know, these animals were wild and in their natural habitat, but walking through a jungle in darkness and from time to time seeing the light reflecting in an eye or eyes of something out there... well, yea, I wasn't thrilled. Also, it was mainly spiders and STRASILKA. The only mindblowing part about the Night Safari was our guide and his ability to actually SEE those things in the darkenss with only the light of his head light. But once again, that was about it.

Then it was time to pack and get ready for the trip to Phuket the next day.


People and the info board said the buses go every half an hour. Note to self: what people or info boards say means nothing. At least that's the lesson I take from waiting for almost two hours for a bus that's supposed to go ever half an hour.
But it DID come eventually.
Completely packed.
We (there was a group of us by the time the bus arrived) managed to squeeze in somehow, but comfort would not be on the description list. Luckily, as me and the Swiss guy next to me (who told me I speak too fast... 'Do I speak too fast? I don't think I speak too fast. Or do I? I don't know...' imagine that being said wery fast :D) were going all the way to Phuket, we didn't have to stand for long. At Takua Pa some people got out and we were told to take over their seats. Splendid. The rest of the trip was all of a sudden much more pleasant. Enjoying the view and occasional coma.

This time, I had pretty clear and accurate instructions how to get from the bus terminal to the hostel. And it all went just fine. And from there even better.
The place was amazing. The guesthouse is located in a private housing area so there was a security at the entrance to the area, the place was neat, clean and simply beautiful. Breakfast (however basic) included. Yay.

After much needed shower (shower gel, shampoo and conditioner provided) and some relaxing (comfy bed and A/C with adjustable temperature), I went to the reception to get a map of Phuket town, arrange the day trip to Phang Nga Bay for Friday and get my ticket to Ko Phi Phi for Saturday.
For lack of better words – Everything went better than expected.
I was staying in a dorm for four people and for most of the day it seemed I'd be there all alone. Later on, a lovely Spanish girl arrived, and even later on, two Asian girls. Japanese, was my guess. They didn't exactly talk much so I couldn't identify them by the language.
It was already dark outside when I decided to go hunt for something to eat. (Note: This is one thing I like about resorts, they have their own restaurants on site so you don't have to go far to get something to eat.) The owner of the hostel recommended a restaurant, but forgot it's closed on Wednesdays, so I had to search for some other place.
I did a little grocery shopping at the local shopping mall and then ended up in a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Naturally, you go to Thailand to end up in a Chinese restaurant. The prices were more than friendly, the place lovely and food looked amazing. And I completely forgot about chopsticks. After battling with them (the chopsticks, I mean) for the first few minutes and entertaining some of the restaurant staff, I got it under control and started enjoying the duck and green noodles.
And after the return back to the hostel, that was it for the day.


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