Game reviews and why

A couple of years ago, most probably when I realized I had put a couple of hundreds of hours into Skyrim and Civilization V each, I made a resolution to start (and preferably finish) as many games in my Steam, GOG, and Origin libraries. (Also Uplay but who actually uses that one on its own, right?). I created a new category in my Steam library called “Finished 2015”, so my educated guess is that it all started some time in 2015. At that point I have already finished a couple of games I owed on Steam, I just threw them together to a “Finished” category. A fine company of Botanicula, Dragon Age: Origins, Morrowind, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Portal. Good times, all of them. I’ll get back to those eventually, as well as to all the other games I have played through during the… well, let’s say during my life. And now, a couple of years later, I thought – why not write a little something about all those games. So here we go…

I guess to feel like an official reviews you need to give out scores or points, so I thought I would base my grading on the following categories:

visual – controls – story – characters  gameplay
time (spent playing) – experience (personal feelings about the game)
technical stability/"playability" – audio - music

Game on, boys and girls ;)


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