The terrace, the hua and the hin


Once again, I was picked up early to catch the morning catamaran at 7:30.
I generally don't get sea sick anymore. I'm usually not affected by distasteful and disgusting imaginary on TV. But I have to admit – those two things combined turned out to be dangerous and evil even to me. In other words – watching a guy eating still moving tentacles while the highspeed catamaran is jumping and whooping wasn't my idea of fun. However, it still turned out to be a walk in a rose garden compared to the screaming and puking children all over the deck. Naturally, the highest density of them was in my nearest area (seats next to me and in front of me).

Yet again, I have to get back to something I brought up on Facebook. I would like to kindly ask people to explain to me, what is the point in going to holiday in Thailand with three children (the oldest being around 6, the middle around 3 and the youngest possibly one year old)? Aside from putting your children at all kinds of health risks, they won't have (remember) absolutely nothing from the holiday, the parents can't have absolutely anything from the holiday and they generally manage to annoy everyone in 100m radius. So I'd love if someone could tell me what secret point I am missing. I have absolutely no mercy on those parents and even less pity for them, but if there's something I'm missing, please, tell me!

Eventually, we got to the mainland (all survived, surprisingly), waited for the several buses that would take us to our designated destination (these were actual V.I.P. And I had the double seat just for myself once again, lucky me).
The official arrival time at Hua Hin was supposed to be around 5pm. Well, I think I mentioned in previous post I should have learned not to trust any official information by now.
I don't know why it was, as the driver was going like a maniac, but we arrived in Hua Hin around 9pm. And as nobody was able to tell me where exactly is the place they dropped us off, I decided to take a taxi to the guesthouse. So of course that it turned out to be almost just behind the corner, which due to the traffic actually took a while. But it was dark and I had no idea where I was, so it was the easier solution after all.
I checked in and discovered this would be my home for next few days. I didn't mind.

Maybe I was growing tired of new discoveries, but I didn't find anything particularly interesting about Hua Hin. Yet another tourist and recreational place for masses.

The Asian market wasn't exactly a thrill for me either. I guess I'm somehow familiar with the concept thanks to the minority of Vietnamese people in Czech so I found it rather ordinary and 'blah' than exotic.
So I was rather enjoying the terrace and being a lazy photographer.

At that time, my earphones gave up on my so aside from the pending item 'bag' on the list from Ko Phangan, 'earphones' were added to the list. The bag I found was (and still is) beyond awesome. The earphones I bought were crap to begin with so it's no surprise they were half dead after a short time. Somehow, for the 90tbh I wouldn't expect anything else and I don't particularly care. They wouldn't make it to Europe either way.

I also went to check the railway station as I read many great things about it. Well, ok. It wasn't bad but somehow I missed the 'whoa' impression about it. But as I said earlier, might be me.


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