The paradise, the paradise and the paradise, vol. II

Side note: Was I asleep when I wrote the previous post? The amount of typos was painful. But it's fixed now, although I still feel stupid for it.


It was another Friday and time for another trip. This one taking me from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville.
I still hadn't any clear idea how long would the bus ride take and I was worried. The user-generated info I found online was generally speaking of 4-5h and I was hoping for that to be true. I knew the only boat to Koh Ru leaves at 1pm and that was it. If I would miss it I would need to way a whole day and for some reason, I wasn't so keen on doing that.
I was taking the earliest bus at 7am, I had no idea where they would drop us at SHV and how far it would be to the pier. So yea, I kind of stressed a lot, you know me. Or I REALLY wanted to get on an island as soon as possible. Or I really didn't want to stay at SHV. You can pick whichever you like better.

To pass the time somehow, I decided to take pictures of what it looked like outside. I originally wasn't planning to publish those, they were mainly just for my parents to give them an idea how it looked like there. But after viewing them, my mom suggested that these were exactly the photos I SHOULD publish, so I re-edited them and here they are. These are also the photos I mentioned in the previous post.

After four hours at the bus and the final destination nowhere to be seen, I started getting really nervous. But eventually, the trip took a little under five hours. I hopped on the first moped taxi that got to me and in no time I was on my way to the pier. Naturally, it wasn't far. Then we started looking for the Ride Cambodia office so I could get the boat ticket.
Based on the map and the description, I knew exactly where to look for it, so it didn't help the peace of my mind when we couldn't find it where it was supposed to be. Well, I can say I found it eventually... three weeks later! On the other side of the street than the maps and descriptions said it was supposed to be. Or I was dreaming again, I don't know.
Anyway, the driver took me to another place where they sold the ticket, it was valid and the same price, so what the hell. We got back to the pier, I found the correct boat and waited. And got sunburned. But at that point it was a small price to pay for the fact I made it and I was heading straight to paradise.

Because I was.

I can't decide whether I should start with the full and overwhelming description of how much paradise-like the place really is. Or if I should leave it at 'It's a paradise' and the photos that will follow.


The days started to blur as they generally went in the same fashion – reading, writing, sunbathing and swimming. My phone was switched off most of the time as there was barely any reception and I didn't need it for alarm clock or to know what time it was anyway. Nothing of that mattered there. It was all just relax and peace.


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