The Phi Phi, the Krabi and the people


I had this very naive idea about Ko Phi Phi. The amount of people there was overwhelming. The amount of tattoo, pizza and diving places way too damn high. I quickly came to realize this is a party island. The same moment I realized how happy I was I booked only two nights there.
I found the bungalows by a pure luck (a general idea meant nothing in the maze of narrow streets), settled at the dorm, got the net working, went for dinner for a place called „The Rock“. You can't blame a girl for going after familiar names.


Breakfast and discovering what else is there in the tiny village. Simply – not much. It's a pure tourist place so there're hotels, hostels, guesthouses, bungalows, restaurants, bars, shops, nightclubs. Tsunami shelter was the most exciting thing on the whole island. So I walked around for a while, from one end to the other, went to have a lunch (and later on the best thai pancakes ever).

After getting back to the dorm and checking my e-mail, I started getting frustrated.
I booked a place at the HiHostel at Krabi, that was actually not in Krabi but at the Ao Nang beach. Or somewhere there. I emailed them (already on Saturday) if they could arrange a pick up from the pier as explaining to the driver where to go seemed complicated (I wasn't able to find the place on google maps by searching the address or any other way). Naturally, I got no response from them during the whole day (I checked already in the morning, wrote them again and gave them time till the evening). So I started looking for another place, but actually in Krabi. When I found one, I made a reservation and cancelled my booking at HH. And suddenly felt much better.


Krabi was really just a place to stay on the way between Ko Phi Phi and Ko Phangan. I just wanted to stay at some 'civilized' (=not a bungalow/dorm) place with own bathroom, four walls, chair and table and peace of mind. I got exactly that.

I didn't expect anything from Krabi, so the local temple quite blew my mind.

What made the stay at Krabi perfect were essentially three things. The possibility to play some Skyrim (nothing like running through some snow fields and killing people for the Dark Brotherhood when you're getting tired of the heat and people), the fresh smoothie bar not far from my guesthouse, and Café Europa (oh, them meatballs with potato salad).

And then, the evening before my departure, the sky cleared (oh yea, I forgot to mention the weather – it was storming most of the time, so that was the main excuse for Skyrim, I had nothing to do outside anyway) and naturally the clouds were heading in the same direction I would be going the next day. I wasn't surprised, but I wasn't amused either.


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