The walk, the visa and the walk


The trip back to Bangkok was simple and eventless. Local bus for local people (they really do eat all the time), once again double seat just for myself. Also the trip from the bus terminal to the center was pretty easy. It was the walk to the hostel that almost killed me as (surprise, surprise), the sky was clear and the sun was scorching. I think it was one of the hotter (hottest) days. And the hostel was further than I thought. Or at least it felt like it. By the time I made it there, I was soaking wet. Shower = best friend.

7-11 was near, some kind of market all around the place and that day I ate my first soup with chopsticks. If there's a will, there's a way. And it was cheap and good and the locals probably have a story to tell.


Monday was the day to get another Visa arranged, this time for Vietnam. I studied the Google maps carefully to find the easiest and shortest way from my hostel to the Embassy. A little morning walk of 6km.
No problem getting there. But I had one of the stupid days so guess what I left in my hostel room that I needed for the Visa application... drumroll... Photos! It had been a while since I felt that retarded. Luckily, a place where to get Visa/passport photos was near, it wasn't expensive and I had them in 10minutes. There's a price for everything, stupidity especially. But everything was in order and I would pick up the Visa on Thursday. So it was time to get to the Mo Chit bus terminal and get my ticket to Siem Reap, Cambodia!

I headed to the desired bus stop and crossed a park on the way there.

Now this bus was probably twice my age. But it got us there. After a while of looking for the right selling place I found it, got my ticket (by now I remember my passport number so the lack of my passport wasn't an issue) and set on my way back to the center.
What happened then can be easily summed up as a complete failure of my orientation sense. If I said it had been a while since I felt that retarded, it wasn't long till even that retardness was a minor issue compared to what my brain got me into during the following hours. I walked a lot. A LOT. One could say I went full retarded that day and one should never go full retarded.
Let's speak of it no more. The blisters on my toes and feet after this mischief were epic in the worst possible way. Never more.

The only good thing about the whole failure was the little bakery I discovered and the amazing pastry I got there. Yum.

The originally planned sight-seeing walk back to the hostel from the Victory Monument quickly turned into a walk for survival. I like to walk, right? You live and learn. Or something.


So given the events of the previous day and the fact I walked over 25km in total that day (of which only 10km was originally planned), you can't expect anything else from Tuesday that healing and recovering. Luckily, the 7-11 and the fruit market were near...


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